Thru out time there has been few technologies that rattled people and the world to their core. Concepts like, the printing press, the car, electricity, the internet and even the iPod! But bitcoin rattles the oldest technology of all time. No-one can start to think of when currency began. Currencies have been around from the beginning of time and constantly evolve! Bitcoin is a decentralized, network run, peer trusted network of transactions. It has a defined amount that can be divided almost infinitely. No government can stop it. It is a great store of value. I want to teach you how to own it, get it and understand the concepts behind it. Contact me below for consultations. I discuss exchanges, how to store and protect it. As well as risks and it’s volatility. Bitcoin is not a get rich scheme, it is a disruptive technology that will drive innovation for the next 1000 years.

Group educational sessions and private consultations available.

I don't sell Bitcoin, I only talk about the technology and the possibilities.

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